The Love Challenge - The Love Challenge - 2018

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"If you can't feed a hundred people, then feed just one." - Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Did you know the Center of Family Love must raise $10,000 annually to meet each of their resident's needs? They never charge their residents or their families for the care they provide, in the event they cannot afford to live there. Incidentally, 99% of their residents need Medicaid support. 

The Center of Family Love and the Knights of Columbus are challenging Catholic Churches across Oklahoma to adopt, just one, intellectually and physically disabled friend who lives at the Center of Family Love and for each church to raise money on behalf of their friend.

Knights of Columbus at each parish will designate a Team Champion who will accept The Love Challenge on behalf of their church.
Team Champion's will assemble their Team of 12 and together they will challenge their friends and parish family to be the difference in their disabled friend's life. 
Team Champion's will provide a unique opportunity to come together and make a difference in one individual life. 

Team Champion's will be given marketing tools to support their needs in sharing the Challenge.
The Love Challenge video will explain the Challenge for anyone interested in donating or raising money for their friend.
A website for each friend will provide a convenient place where donations can be made. 

The Love Challenge also known as The Joy of Mercy Appeal provides an opportunity to experience joy and mercy for those often marginalized and forsaken by society. 

"We believe every human life is sacred and we accept the responsibility of serving one another out of reverence for Christ. The Center of Family Love reverences each person created in the image of God and bears witness to the compassion of Jesus Christ every day. Please support The Joy of Mercy Appeal and share with our brothers and sisters who are served by the Center of Family Love." -Archbishop Paul S. Coakley

"I believe The Joy of Mercy Appeal will provide a unique experience for our parish families to come to know a person who lives with disabilities and to experience the joy of what it is like to help care for a child with disabilities. It's important that we support this appeal for some of our most vulnerable brothers and sisters in Christ." -Bishop David Konderla

The mission of the Center of Family Love is to provide quality lifetime care to individuals with developmental disabilities.

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